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Kintamani Volcano – Besakih Tour

Full Day Bali tour: Pick-up to hotel at 8.30am, visit Batubulan/ barong dance, celuk, Mas, Ubud, Bedulu / Goa gajah, Kintamani, Besakih Temple, Bukit Jambul, Kertagosa, tour finish and come back to hotel 6.00 pm
Barong dance Bali

Barong dance Bali

Watch Barong Dance at Batubulan
Batubulan can be visited both in the morning and in the evening. Every day many tourists enjoy the Barong dance performance which is usually held from 9.30am to 10.30am. The Barong dance itself is performed at five different stages, illustrating the balance of goodness and badness side in everyday’s bustle and hustle of life. The Barong dance is sometimes performed like musical comedy involving humor aspects in it. The overall performance is entertaining and amusing, certainly something all visitors should see.

Celuk (Gold/Silver smith)
Within one hour drive from Kuta area, or about 5 kilometers from Denpasar you can reach Celuk Village. Here, all Balinese silver crafters are creating the beautiful items which are able to attract not only domestic market but also the international gold and silver enthusiasts. The gold and silver jewelry products have been being favorites for many jewelry admirers all around the globe. All the accessories are truly one-of-a-kind and blending the Balinese elegant taste with international favorite style jewelries. The travelers looking for gold and silver souvenirs to bring home are strongly recommended to visit Celuk Village to discover the appealing items as well as the Balinese goldsmiths and silversmiths.

Mas Village
Mas village to expect 20 km from Denpasar. The health of in this way is good enough also it can be arrived at through all kind of cars. Mas Village is among the vacationer resort in the Regency of Gianyar. This kind of village is known for it’s wooden designs and carvings that made from local wood or ebenholzfarben wood that’s brought in from Sulawesi. The well-known wood carvers . Across the road we are able to look for a lots of art shops which sell a lot of type of wood carvings. Around the left or on the right from the street we are able to also see ricefields, so we are able to make conclusion how the live of Mas people not just as wood carvers but additionally as farmers.

Ubud & Monkey forest
The vacationers that choose the tour package to Ubud can visit this particular location and they’ll feel not total if they’re not asked to see the Puri Saren (Ubud Palace) and classic marketplace, since these two holiday destinations would be the soul and identification of Ubud Village alone. The palace is quite gorgeous along with creatively conventional creating and consists of the great esthetics value. And also close by main of Ubud you capable of seeing Monkey forest, Ubud’s Holy Monkey woodland is among the the majority of worthwhile appointments in the region of Ubud while offering an incredible mixture of Balinese pure life the monkeys and also the historic guarded large jungle trees and shrubs, along with lifestyle of the Balinese which inhabit the whole section of Ubud.

Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave)
Located in peaceful village called Bedulu, Goa Gajah or even the Elephant Cave is approximately 26 kms through Denpasar city. The whole location is comforting, encompassed by the gorgeous terrace rice fields as well as Petanu river area panorama. Among the enchanting historic sites, Goa Gajah attracts much more customer each local and worldwide returning for taking in the sights, worship, or careful consideration. Goa Gajah identify was based on ‘Lwa Gajah’ meaning elephant waters also it was the genuine name of Petanu River. Right here, we are able to discover the early Budha statue, three-branching stupa, water feature statues, and much more. The services round the site are enough to support guest, this kind of parking area, electricity, phone, and load of souvenir shops.

Kintamani Volcano
Kintamani is actually a peaceful area along with 5 volcanoes located on the mountain 1,460 metres over ocean degree; 3 turn out Mount Agung, Mount Kintamani, and also Mount Batur. Mount Batur is the just one that is still active. Additionally, there’s a wide Lake of Batur inside a valley producing the whole view genuinely contentment. Using the level around the region, it’s pointless to express which in Kintamani the elements is definitely cool plus chilly specifically in the morning hours and also at the mid night. Daily, load of visitors each local and international go to the site to chill out in the cool breezes whilst indulging the eyes most abundant in fascinating places imaginable.

Besakih Mother Temple
More than a 1000 years old Besakih is called the ‘Mother Temple of Bali’, Pura Besakih is the largest and holiest temple in Bali and it is perched nearly 1,000m in the part of Gunung Agung. Besakih may be the greatest and also holiest of all of the Balinese temples. Bali’s mother temple appears towards a stupendous hill background on the southeastern inclines of Mount Agung. The mountain top environment provides it with a nearly magical quality. The biggest about the isle, this substantial complicated of 35 little temples allures unbelievable amounts every year, becoming the primary stage of pilgrimage for Balinese Hindus.

Bukit Jambul
Bukit Jambul is well known for an outstanding natural visitor location because of the unified combined hilly land, rice fields, valleys and also the gorgeous ocean panorama in the range. Through high land, we are capable of see the good thing about the character under. A sensational fertile rice areas terrace encircling the region of Bukit Jambul has long loved its popularity as a holiday destination. Which has a cool air and pleasurable environment, Bukit Jambul is really a ideal destination for a relax and rejuvenate.

kintamani volcano Bukit Jambul Besakih Goa Gajah Bali

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